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Best Bitcoin Mixers in 2021

BTC, although considered confidential, retains traces of previous transactions, to whom and where the coins were transferred, and on this trail anyone, if they want, can find you. Therefore, when you buy bitcoins and transfer them to other addresses, these transactions are not confidential and completely transparent. This way, anyone can find out who is buying bitcoins and to which account they are being transferred. This is where the Bitcoin laundry services we are talking about can come in handy.

mixbtc Bitcoin mixer

mixbtc Bitcoin mixer url The reason I’ve selected mixbtc at the #3 position is because of three primary reasons, the first being its user-controlled fee, secondly additional addresses and third its commendable speed of processing transactions. Although starting with the user-experience, it’s one of the cleanest user interfaces I’ve ever seen, it’s spacious, has all the right buttons at the right places and is easy to understand.

It doesn’t need any registration or any other personal information which is a great privacy-relief. All that’s required compulsorily is the receiver’s Bitcoin address. Although optionally, it lets you add additional addresses as well, this again is something which gives it somewhat of an edge because unlike other platforms which offer not more than 5 addresses at best, mixbtc offers as many as 8.

The time-delay feature too is present, and has been maxed out, meaning it lets you set as many as 24 time-delays, one for each hour from 1 hour, to 24; while other platforms again do not offer as many delays. The fee as mentioned earlier is user-controlled, meaning users can decide the amount of fee they wish to pay, although the lowest fee is 0.5% while the highest you can pay is 2.5%. Apart from this there’s also a 0.0001 BTC fee / additional address that you use, which in my experience is as cheap as it gets with any platform I’ve ever used.

It needs 3 confirmations before your coins are mixed. As for the minimum amount, you need to mix atleast 0.001 BTC and there’s no specific maximum amount rather it depends on the Bitcoin reserve of mixbtc at the time of your mixing. It also has the “mixing code” feature which provides you with a code, a kind of proof or link to your sent coins to be mixed, so that the next time you send other coins, you don’t get your own coins sent earlier as the output. And finally, they’ve a strict No-logs policy, meaning they do not store any logs, for any duration of time which is the ultimate privacy assurance that any of us needs.

User Experience Rating – 5/5
Transaction Fee – 0.5% to 2.5% + 0.0001 BTC/extra Address
Minimum Deposit – 0.001 BTC
Customizable Fee – Yes
Additional Addresses – 8 Support
Confirmations Required – 3 Confirmation
No Logs Policy – Yes
Max Time Delay – 24 Hours
Registration Required – No (Bitcoin Tumbler)

One of the most user-controlled and absolutely the maximum-currency supporting mixer till date. Users control the exact fee, the time-delays (even for each individual address) and the fund-distribution to each address. As far as currencies go, it allows the mixing of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and also is soon set to start accepting Ethereum. The Interface is outright the best I’ve ever seen. It’s completely colour-coded, and sliders make controlling every aspect of the mix extremely easy.

An Advanced 3-pool coin reserve offers extreme anonymity when it comes to the new, clean coins each user receives. Also offers “SmartCode” which acts both as its “Mixing ID” and “discount coupon” for returning customers.

No registration of any kind required. No personal information ever asked. Logs are kept for 24 hours, although can be deleted manually earlier. Also offers Tor access for added anonymity. Has a low minimum-deposit requirement, equivalent to 0.001 BTC for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mixer

Bitcoin mixer

Mixtum Btc Mixer url

Mixtum Btc Mixer - provides all the privacy and security that comes standard with a Bitcoin mixer, as well as many options and perks not provided by other services. If you use a new address for withdrawal, the bitcoins that you receive back are completely separated from your previous history on the blockchain, so it is almost impossible to link the transaction history with your personality. Mixtum commission is only 0.5% of the mixing amount and another 0.0001 BTC / 0.00005 BCH for each withdrawal address. 5 output addresses can be set. The no log policy allows all mixing information to be deleted as soon as it is completed. The interface is pretty clean so it allows for fast and reliable mixing.

Mixtum provides two additional features unlike its counterparts:

Referral program

Share your anonymous referral link and earn cryptocurrency bonuses. For each mixing operation performed on your link, you receive 50% of the service fee.

Loyalty reward system

Use your anonymous Mixtum code every time you mix to receive service charge discounts. The more you mix, the more you save.

history of bitcoin transactions

The history of bitcoin transactions is liquidated after two days. The randomization function further complicates the analysis of the blockchain. Tor browser support.

User Experience Rating – 4/5
Transaction Fee – 1% + 0.000001 BTC
Minimum Deposit – 0.0002 BTC
Additional Addresses – 5
No Logs Policy – Yes
Registration Required – No
Time Delays – Yes
User-Controlled Fund Distribution – Yes

ChipMixer Bitcoin Mixer

How it works: you fill in the whole amount of the resource account and the ChipMixer system divides it into small parts and distributes them to different wallets, mixing them with the coins of other people or with the coins in reserve at the platform, you also get them in small portions to your wallet already peeled. This process increases the anonymity of your coins.

Service features:

The main difference between this server is that it has 2 different mixing modes. Cleaning is carried out automatically. In one of the modes, cleared coins are received through foreign cryptocurrency exchanges. Guarantees with PGP signatures are used. Low and high minimum and maximum entry thresholds from 0.001 BTC to 50 BTC.

The mixing procedure takes up to 6 hours. Note that there are services that offer to wait 1-2 days. This resource does not require registration. All logs will be deleted immediately after cleaning, unused orders - after 5 days. Data encryption is practiced. At the time of writing, ChipMixer is one of the best BTC mixing services out there. We definitely recommend it.

Bitcoin mixer url

Cryptomixer Bitcoin mix

Cryptomixer - runs on the Darknet and is one of the most popular Bitcoin mixers. Grams Cryptomixer uses a new mixing scheme, it doesn't just clean your bitcoins, you get completely new coins that have not been used in the "dark network".

The cleaning process can take no more than 4 hours. To use the Cryptomixer mixer in the basic version of Grams, you need to create an account; in the Cryptomixer Light and Cryptomixer Market versions, this is not necessary. If you still decide to use the Grams version, you will have to pay an entrance fee of 0.01 BTC.

Cryptomixer has an additional feature (Auto-Cryptomixer) that allows you to specify which addresses your coins will be mixed with when they are credited to your account. Cryptomixer also enforces a "no log" policy, all logs are cleared automatically after 7 days or by the client immediately after the output is complete.

Cryptomixer has its own server not connected to Grams. A number of custom Bitcoin programs that he uses are located on a completely separate server from Cryptomixer and Grams. Even if Grams is attacked or compromised, Cryptomixer will not be affected.

User Experience Rating – 4/5
Transaction Fee – 0.5% to 3% + 0.0005BTC/extra Address
Minimum Deposit – 0.001 BTC
Fee Control – YES
Additional Addresses – 10 Support
Confirmations Required – 1 Confirmation
No Logs Policy – Yes
Registration Required – No